About The Artist

Artist bio/blurb 

I am a Maryland based nature illustrator specializing in line and wash watercolor. With my whimsical animal designs, I seek to share the essence and spirit of the nature that surrounds us.

An artist statement?

I struggle with writing artist statements. While I’m certain most are heartfelt and accurate to the artist, every time I try to write a typical sounding one it just sounds pretentious and hollow.

I know the world can be ugly and sad. Yet it is also very beautiful and fun. I believe it is important that my work reflects this beautiful fun. Success is in seeing people smile when they see my animal designs. I’m successful when they laugh thinking about the cheeky squirrel in their yard, or remember a loved one who adored butterflies.

My process:

I begin by carefully sketching the composition, paying close attention to the intricate details and contours. Then, I add ink lines, guiding the viewer's eye and defining the subject's character. These lines are the backbone of my work, providing structure and visual interest.

Next comes the application of watercolors. With loose and fluid brushstrokes, I layer washes of color, allowing them to blend and interact, creating depth and atmosphere. The unpredictable nature of watercolors adds an element of surprise to the process, infusing each piece with its own unique energy and charm.